Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Manage your Phlegm - Home Remedies

Hello Changers!

This particular article will really hit home for anyone who has grown up with immigrant parents, specifically south Asian parents who grew up in a time and place where stuff was weird and the things they did with that stuff was even weirder. For those who didn't I apologize for the next little bit because you are probably going to think I am crazy for what I am about to suggest but I will remind everyone that this was used on me as a child, and I am still alive and doing pretty well so it couldn't possibly hurt.

It’s called a poultice. Now don't be afraid, if you don't know what this word means or have never heard it before a poultice is basically a heated soft mass of something spread on a cloth and applied to the skin to treat something. It’s what old timey people used before commercially produced medication and it a lot of places on planet earth people STILL don’t and continue to use this method.

The thing with buying over the counter medication (I will state right now I am not advocating to give up prescribed medication, just the life basics) for something like allergy meds that can treat something like congestion can cost you a lot, and then you have to go out and actually buy them...which usually involves wearing pants (lame I know) but I am here to bring you the ancient wisdom of old crazy immigrant people in the hopes it can save you money!

I won’t list all the remedies you can easily create from your pantry (there is a lot of online information for this) but I will briefly list some here that I have tried (or been the unwilling participant of).

Chest congestion/Colds – Mustard powder and hot water to form a paste
Hair/Scalp moisture and shine treatment – Oil or beaten eggs applied to the scalp and then hot towels to wrap the hair with
Sore Feet – Hot water with mint leaves
Sore throat/cold – boil coriander seeds and add honey (Okay yes you may not actually have coriander seeds handy but you can buy them from bulk barns or grocery stores for cheaper than cold meds so there!)

Now I know you have reservations, especially if you have some frat boy roommates around who look at you like you are from another planet (and complain about the smell of boiled coriander seeds, which by the way stink real bad) but when it comes to the weekend you will have the extra cash on hand to buy the nice beer and they will be stuck with lame domestic brews so jokes on them.

Happy Banking


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