Sunday, March 22, 2015

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Some people may call board games lame, if you grew up in one of those ‘close” families you may have experienced family game nights where you played board games or all got together and watched a movie. Now however you are an adult, and let me tell you these ain’t your Grandma’s board game nights.

Nowadays we are spoiled for choice in our board games and it’s not difficult to find one that suits yours and your families’ tastes. The initial cost of the games may be a little high in some cases, especially if you buy a game that has multiple expansions, but they can provide countless more nights of free fun. Now that we are adults we can even add alcohol to the night if you like to really kick-start the evening.

Settlers of Catan is a good all-around classic, but the golden oldies like Monopoly and The Game of Life should not be discounted because they have undergone make-overs in the last couple of years in order to keep up with the age. Of course Monopoly has so many different versions and themes it’s hard not to find one that has meaning to you.

Trivial Pursuit is another classic that still has a lot of steam, and again there are so many versions based on movies and other pop culture icons that you are sure to find one you jive with.

Of course if you are looking for some fun but don’t want to commit just yet to buying a board game, you can always invite friends over who have different ones you don’t have and experience the games before you buy. Just like potlucks you can host “Bring Your Own Board game” nights and have all the fun of board games without having to buy them! And if you do want to buy them do your research, sites like Amazon are good places to start, but if you look at second hand shops make sure all the pieces and parts of the game are all there before you buy!

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