Monday, March 16, 2015

Little Bottles of Lotion

Hello Changers!

If you are anything like me you have encountered times in your life where you had to tighten your proverbial purse strings. Or if you are more like me you have lived most of your life that way, constantly balancing school, work and a social life with the need to eat and survive the harsh cold of the outside world.

I don't want to brag, but I feel that my many years of experience qualifies me now to be able to speak on this topic with some authority and impart my vast experience onto those who need it! If you have ever looked around at the masses of boxes and containers around yourself full of bath and beauty products you might be interested to know you are actually staring at tons of financial savings. How often have you received random gifts, either from distant family members? You smile, say thank you and then promptly put it in a box with all the other shower gels, body lotions and weird perfumes you already have.

Finding yourself a little strapped for cash can be a struggle, but by forgoing your weekly trip to a fancy beauty store or drug mart to by tons of lip gloss and nail polish, just dig that box of presents out of your closet or basement and use them instead. I can't give you exact figures on how much this can save you but in my case I estimate that I have saved an average of $10 per week with this little trick, which let’s face it, isn't even a trick. A lot of us let personal and household products pile up, getting dusty when we should be utilizing them in order to curb our expenses. Do you hoard those little shampoos and conditioners from hotels like your life depends on them? Well you would be surprised at how many showers you can get out of them if you just actually used them! And if you hold them in your hands and stare you might just feel like a giant too!

As a bonus not only do you save money but you clear out the clutter too! It’s a win win situation really. And not to mention it means you don’t have to venture outside more often which is tricky with your new sad hobo wardrobe you have been sporting.

Happy Banking


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